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    La Lluvia Beauty



    I was just your average little 5 year old girl playing with my baby doll’s hair. Little Amanda did not know this was the inception of my love for making people feel beautiful. I started to braid around 9 years old and around 11 years old started working on my own hair even after going to get it done. A hair perfectionist was born and by high school it became my work, my passion and my future career.

         My focus shifted to natural hair a few years back when I begun an in depth search of product knowledge. Not just the brand label but the ingredients label. Understanding which ingredients effect which hair type which way. Then and only then can a cosmetologist give you the best advice for your head of hair. We do not have to be afraid of our natural hair but with knowledge of care we will embrace it.
         La LLuvia Beauty was born to remind me to focus on this mission of hair care and skin care in the future. LLuvia (Ju-Via) is a Spanish word meaning rain, and also happens to be the name of my beautiful niece so it has great sentimental value to me. Rain is what feeds the earth in order for growth to take place. Like plants our hair cannot live and thrive without nourishment and that is my aim to not only style but to ensure all clients are working toward hair health. I want all to leave my chair with a smile.
    -Amanda Harris 
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